ll too often I’ll hear my Montreal-born-and-raised friends reminisce about their younger days in the city, talking about major franchises that came and went (apparently Harvey’s used to a bigger deal), festivals they’ve been going to since they were kids, people they knew from high school, and how much the city has changed since “back in the day.”

As an Ontario-transplant, your history with the city is a fraction as long, and while that does give you the chance to experience Montreal as an adult and see everything with fresh eyes, it is a mild pain that you’ll never be able to grow up in this beautiful place.

Heck, even just having your family around to call in times of need is a major boon to Montrealers, something Ontario-folk don’t really have have access to, which is a struggle in itself.

Oh, you’re from Ontario and living in Montreal? You must be a student, then.

That’s pretty much the line of thought anyone who hears I’m originally from Ontario takes, which you know, would be fine if I was still a student.

Except I’m not, and would like to be treated as an adult and with none of the prejudices many Montrealers have towards students from Ontario who leave the city as soon as they’ve graduated.

No doubt you’ve probably been asked the same thing if you’re slightly young-ish, from Ontario, and you’re living in Montreal. Or you actually are just a student, then good luck with that.