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Are you looking for a real estate brokerage to help with selling your home? If you are, consider relying on RE/MAX Real Estate, experienced real estate professionals who can help you market your home and attract potential buyers.

We at RE/MAX can help you with our variety of marketing initiatives, which includes a variety of platforms and marketing strategies. One perk with us is that we have some of the best newspaper advertising of any agency, and we will place professional ads in local newspapers. We have also been featured in real estate magazines such as Homes&land, which further increases your home’s visibility when you market with us.

RE/MAX also utilizes online advertising on some of the most popular and heavily-trafficked websites. We purchase new banner ads on websites, including ads on a variety of popular sites from Facebook and Google to the New York This driver online traffic to our website, where your property can be seen by millions of potential buyers.

We have a particular focus on social media ads, which we place on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Because these sites have large user bases that frequently see ads, it maximizes potential viewers of your property to help with selling your home. This is a key part of what makes us have some of the best online advertising in the business.

However, RE/MAX also recognizes that in-person marketing on the site of the property is another key to selling a home. We can help organize open home showings where buyers in the London area can view the property, and as your agent I can highlight some of the best aspects of your home to potential buyers. This not only takes some of the stress out of showing your home, but provides you with an expert who can help you make a great impression.

We also practice agent open house, a marketing method in which all local agents visit your home that is listed for sale. The reason for this is that all other local agents, who represent potential buyers, will often have a client that they can match with your property. Buyers found this way are often more likely to finalize a purchase.

Most importantly, our team has years of experience in the local real estate market, which has led us to be connected to many local buyers. With RE/MAX, you know that we’ll work our hardest to make your home available to the most potential buyers.

Thanks to our breadth of advertising, from newspaper ads to banner ads, to social media and other popular sites, we can market your home like no one can.



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