I usually start with my couch since that’s where I spend a lot of my time. I knew I wanted something darker (to hide my dog’s shedding) and navy is super versatile. From there, I chose the living room rug and coffee table.

Decorating a studio apartment is never easy. It’s tricky having your bedroom and living room all in one small space. So before I even moved in, I tried out a few furniture arrangements and landed on this one. I tried to create as much of a separation as I could, without putting up a room divider, which I thought would block some of the light.

In such a small space, I think it’s important to not over clutter. Light walls and fewer pieces help make the space feel bigger and more relaxing.

My favorite part is the old San Francisco charm. The crystal door knobs, original built-ins, and scratched-up floors all tell a story. Oh, and the retro oven is the cutest thing!