y Style: Thrifted, collected, easygoing

Inspiration: Using what we have. Creating a warm and inviting home for my family. Sharing those ideas and DIY’s on my blog House Homemade and on Instagram so that others may do the same.

Favorite Element: When we first moved in, I pasted dictionary pages to the dining room wall to cover outdated wallpaper. It’s light and bright and still one of my favorite things. Also, the chest in our living room was a beautiful $40 Craigslist score. I love the warmth it brings to the room. We use old books as doorstops. I just love the charm that they add and they’re a great reminder to not take things too seriously.

Biggest Challenge: The TV can only go on one wall so it kind of limits the possibilities for the living room layout. Also, it’s so hard to do DIY projects with kids around. We did so much in the couple years before having kids. Since then, big projects have been few and far between.


What Friends Say: Most people that come over regularly comment on the things that I changed since the last time they were over. I’m always moving stuff from room to room or from sofa to sofa. Nothing stays the same for long. Shop the house. It’s the cheapest way to freshen things up.

Biggest Embarrassment: We patched the ceilings ourselves. Someday we’ll pay to have the seams disappear but it’s one of those things we probably notice more than others would and it’s not really a priority. Also, one time during a DIY in our kitchen, I stapled my finger with a staple gun. There was a big arrow that said exit here but if you’re holding it wrong, you can’t see the warning… just saying.